Falafel Machine Mini (MF-EX Series) Patent Number: 82438 CE Certificate

Automatic Falafel Machine Mini (MF-EX Series), manufactured by Novin Sanat Industrial Machinery with patent number 82438, is a compact, health-friendly and affordable machine which is required in all fast-foods and Falafel selling shops.

Overall benefits of Automatic Falafel Machine Mini (MF-EX Series):

  • 2 models with 2  capacity 1000 & 1500 fried Falafel balls per hour (If the frying time is 1.5 minutes)
  • Able to adjust the cooking time of Falafel
  • Equipped with a screen showing the number of Falafel balls in a day, week, …
  • Equipped with a system for setting the number of Falafel balls in each start
  • Equipped with turn-off system based on the adjusted settings
  • Production of Falafel balls with a uniform weight and shape
  • More efficiency due to no need for manpower
  • Super high quality, no hands involved
  • All the parts in touch with Falafel materials are from non-magnetic steel and anti-friction Teflon.
  • Easy and fast opening and closing of the parts
  • Automatic turn-on and turn-off of the roaster
  • Oil temperature display
  • Adjustable oil temperature
  • Oil drain valve
  • A moving conveyor for easy washing of the machine
  • Very low power consumption with two 0.18 kW Electro-motors
  • Using urban single-phase 220V electricity
  • Having a base for height adjustment of the device
  • No rust and amortization
  • Very easy use
  • Health-friendly
  • Very easy to wash

MF-EX Series 2 Models 1000 & 1500 falafel/hour Low volume oil