Automatic Falafel Machine, Nugget, Cutlet & … (K-EX Series)

Falafel Machine K-EX Series, manufactured by Novin Sanat Industrial Machinery with Patent Number 82438. these are big models that useful for big workshops or factories. We suggest RF-EX model For small fast foods & N-EX Series for big workshops or food factories.

Tip:  K-EX Series is the newest models & in fact, F-EX Series (old models) updated to K-EX Series. But the old models & new models videos are like each other.

  • High productivity: 3500-8500 fried product per hour (for 1.5 min frying time). So if your frying time is less than 1.5 min, your machine produces even more.
  • savings in oil consumption: with our revolutionary design, machines require a very low amount of oil (45-90 Litre). So, this advantage causes to saving your oil.
  • savings in energy ( gas & electricity) consumption: Because of our revolutionary design, machines require a very low amount of oil (45-90 Litre).
  • production full fried or half-fried product: Ability configure frying time.
  • Prolonged life of the oil: all of the models equipped oil filter system for removing smalls piece of falafels that floating in the oil. also, oil filter system used to inject fresh oil into a fryer.
  • Easy maintenance the fryer: All of the models equipped to the elevator for moving up fryer conveyor for easy cleaning.
  • simple maintenance of the former: Because of our perfect design assembly and disassemble the parts will easy.
  • complete & Easy control: All of the machine systems control by PLC.
  • Protecting oil and product: Display screen to show oil temperature & adjusting system for oil temperature.
  • High quality: made of 304L stainless that causes to prolonged machine life.
  • Perfect product output: Same shape and weight of balls production.
  • Perfect after-sales service: One year guarantee & 10 years after-sales service and providing parts from Dubai office.
Model K1 K2 K3 K4
Ability (number/hour)
(for 1.5 min frying time)
3500 5000 6500 8500
Dimensions (cm)(Length*Width*Height)





Oil tank capacity (liter) 45 60 75 90
Power consumpsion (kw)
(for electric heating method)
30 36 42 47
Amper (for electric heating method) 45 54 63 72
Power consumpsion (kw)(for gas heating method) 1.8 1.8 1.8 1.8
CE certificate Yes Yes Yes Yes
Adjustable frying time Yes Yes Yes Yes
Adjustable oil temprature Yes Yes Yes Yes
Produced product Counter Yes Yes Yes Yes
Edible Oil Filter Yes Yes Yes Yes