Automatic Green Beans Cutter Machine

Automatic Green Beans Cutter machine is a unique machine with patent number 70103. all of the models are very powerful & easy usage. For example, the B1 model is 50 kg/hour capacity. While one person the human workers can just one kg/hour. That means this model has capacity like 10 human workers!. This machine is specially designed for green beans & has a high-quality output.

  • High Ability: Cutting different sizes and shapes green beans, even in mixed shapes.
  • Without any depreciation: The blades do not need sharpening or changing. Because the blades are made from stainless steel “316”.
  • Cutting green beans at your favorite size: 1 to 2.5 cm chopping size based on the customer’s order.
  • High Capacity:  50 & 250 kg/hour equal to 10 & 50 people.
  • High Cutting Quality: You will have more than 95% perfect output.
  • Easy use: This machine just will need a person to simply put the green beans from the top of the machine.
  • Very easy washing: No need for disassembling parts and blades.
  • Fully sanitary: All internal parts of the machine have been made from stainless steel “304”. So you will have the perfect machine.
  • High Security: The machine equipped to safety clutch. so if an external object falls into the machine, the blades will not damage.
  • Perfect after-sales service: One year guarantee & 10 years after-sales service and providing parts from Dubai office.


Capacity (kg/hour)

Dimensions (cm) 


Weight (kg)

Electro-Motor (hp)