Glorious reception of European Union’s Falafel Machine CE Certificate

The European Union does not allow for every product to enter its market. Products that Save are able to meet the stringent criteria of the CE standard regarding build quality, observing environment protection and safety regulations, ergonomics, etc, and are successful in obtaining Europe’s CE marking are the only ones able to enter the European market.

Novin Sanat machine manufacturing industries, as the single source for falafel machines in the Middle-East and one of the top five companies in the world, specializing in falafel making machines, has always had its sight set on the western markets, especially the European market. Therefore obtaining the CE standard was added to this company’s agenda and with the blessings of Imam Mahdi (May our souls be sacrificed to him), finally succeeded in obtaining the CE marking from the ECM Institute (Italy).

The ECM Institute is one of the most prestigious institutes in the world that offers this standard as a mark which can be inquired into, in the European Union. This CE certification is not of the self-declared type.

This is a massive success for this company’s colorful track-record and with more effort and redoubled ambition we hope to take effective steps toward serving the people of this country and the world as well.