Guarantee and Services

All products of Novin Sanat Machine Manufacturing Industries have a one-year guarantee and parts are supplied for ten years.

Customers are required to obtain label or guarantee card of the machine bearing seal and signature of seller.

Important Notes and Terms of Guarantee:

  • The machine guarantee is provided only for repairs by authorized agencies of Novin Sanat Machine Manufacturing Industries. Repairing by unauthorized agents will render the guarantee letter invalid.
  • No remuneration will be obtained for making repairs or for consumer parts.
  • Guarantee services are provided only for the defects due to natural wear and tear (at the discretion of the specialists of technical unit).

Cases Excluded from Guarantee:

  • Defects due to unreasonable use, negligence, electricity fluctuations, building wiring defects, inappropriate transportation, natural disasters, fire.
  • Machine body, decorative items and consumer materials.


expenses incurred for making repairs which have not been included in guarantee will be received from the consumer.

Subscribers are requested to take their machines from seller in sound and safe conditions. Otherwise, the factory will take no responsibility whatsoever.

*Please contact the representation center or procurements department of factory in case of arising any problem.