Industrial Automatic Falafel Machine Number of patent: 82438

Food industries factories need equipment that, besides subtlety, accuracy and desirable output quality, would be able to meet the requirements of the food and drugs department. Hence, they are more willing to import devices from countries such as Italy, Germany, and Netherlands.

Considering the need for accurate specifics that these factories require, Novin Sanat Industrial Machinery as a professional reference of falafel making devices, proudly presents the fully industrial falafel making devices. This device is patented as 82438 and suffices the factories from purchasing oversees devices

Details of Industrial Automatic Falafel Machine:

1 Capacity of the device 10 to 15 thousand falafel disks per hour (to be cooked in one minute)
2 Dimensions of the device 700*90*200 cm
3 Dimensions of the device As requested by client
4 Method for frying Indirect heat through industrial oil
5 Fryer temperature Automatic with configuration
6 Fryer timer Configurable
7 Tub material Full steel 316
8 Fryer frame material Full steel 304
9 Molding frame material Full steel 304
10 Device error 2%
11 Side accessories Use of crane to lift fryer rail
12 Oil capacity 220 Liter
13 Oil refinement system Equipped with oil automatic refinement pump
14 Hopper capacity 60 kg