Anvar al-Hossein Board is known by most pedestrians in pylon 316 of Arbaeen Walk Route. As the greatest Falafel making station in Arbaeen Walk Route, this board hosted millions of pilgrims of Imam Hussein. The reputation of the board attracted Fars and Mashregh News Agencies to prepare reports.


The preparation of Falafel balls of this board was different this time. The successful and proud installation and launch of two Falafel Maker and Roaster Devices in the board increased the daily cooking statistics from 14000 to 90000 balls of Falafel.

Installation of the conveyor on each device corrected the process of Falafel fall in oil in a way in which Falafel small particles in oil was minimized. Due to the decision of the authorities of the board, the balls were in 45*15 mm size making each ball about 20 grams.


Novin Sanat Machinery Industries Company is proud that it has been able to take a step for the welfare of Imam Hossein (Pbuh) pilgrims relying on the blessings of Hazrat Vali Asr (Pbuh).

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