Shell Remover For Beans And Peas Number of patent: 81122

One of the main concerns of frozen vegetables factories is peeling off and splitting the broad beans as it is a time consuming and costly process.

Novin Sanat Industrial Machinery has designed and made Shell Remover For Beans And Peas upon assessing needs and interacting with the authorities of this field and conducting numerous experiments. There are different models of this machine with no similar foreign brands which can be used in industrial kitchens, food stuff packing industries, and other food cooking centers which can be very effective for mechanization of these centers.

General Advantages of Shell Remover For Beans And Peas:

  • Broad bean peeler.
  • Broad bean second shell peeler.
  • Broad bean splitter.
  • Shelling off the peels from seeds.
  • Quite sanitary and easy to wash.
  • Lifer system in all models for feeding the machine.
  • Easy use.
  • High quality of output product.
  • 1 Year guarantee and 10 years supplying parts

Technical specifications of various types of Shell Remover For Beans And Peas:

Model Input Capacity
P1 100 (kg/h)
P2 300 (kg/h)
P3 500 (kg/h)
P4 800 (kg/h)
P5 1000 (kg/h)
P6 1500 (kg/h)
P7 2000 (kg/h)
P8 3000 (kg/h)